Yield Intel


Yield data from a combine or forage harvester is a valuable tool to increase your crop production efficiency, productivity and profitability on your farm. Sometimes yield data is collected but never put to work. This data can reveal missing links and answer questions. A basic yield map shows variability, but does not explain why. Your yield data can be a valuable tool – put it to work. Too often yield data is under utilized. When you want to go farther and extract more intelligence from your yield data, put Yield Intel to work for you!

How will you use the Yield Reports?

  • You will be empowered to make decisions to improve crop production.
  • You will have the advantage in risk management.
  • You will have greater ability to drive profits.
  • You will have a base plan to implement variable rate planting.
  • You will have solid evidence to demonstrate crop production capability –bankers appreciate facts.

Yield Intelligence at Work for You!

Have you ever worried whether your combine yield monitor was calibrated correctly? Today, powerful processing takes your collected yield data and trues it by post harvest yield monitor calibration, editing swath width and even adjusting the settings of your combine monitor.

Yield Intel will make your life easier and you truly can make your yield data more accurate, even post harvest!

What Can I Learn?

Yield by Soil Type
How much does soil type affect my yield?

Yield by Hybrid/Variety
Which hybrids / varieties do best on my farm?

Yield by Nutrient Levels
At what soil pH and nutrient levels do my crops produce best?

Yield by Nutrient Applications
Did nutrient applications produce return on investment?

Yield by Crop Protection
Did crop protection applications affect my yield?

Yield by Management Zone
See the results caused by variables in each zone.

Identifying Yield Trends using Multiple Years Of Yield Data
I can know what I can expect my land to produce.

Identify Yield Consistency and Inconsistency using multiple years of yield data
I can know how my land will produce in a good year or poor year. I know where I need to focus my input investments and where not to.