Precision Agriculture

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture was the inspiration in the formation of Ag Essentials, LLC. The vision of Ag Essentials has been to acquire details about a farm and its land and to manage those details for the farmer so that the farmer can make informed, educated decisions about his land that in turn improves his bottom line.

When most farmers think of precision agriculture, their first thought is of expensive electronic equipment that is confusing and hard to use which leaves them wondering if it is worth their investment.

A lot has changed in the last 20 years and electronic equipment is now easier to use but still can be confusing at times. Most farmers are still more comfortable turning a wrench than they are with pressing buttons and following screen menus on computerized equipment.

A solid return on investment with this technology is easier to attain when you have a prudent investment strategy. Your vision of what you’d like to accomplish is a key part of your strategy. Always look for the ability of this technology to advance by steps. You can then build on the operational knowledge of the system as you expand its use without having to relearn on a new system as you advance. Set a goal of what you’d like attain and once you have achieved that goal, set yourself a new goal.

Why should you work so hard to use precision agriculture technology? The answer is the same as why you work hard in any of your other farm’s operations. The benefits outweigh the struggle of learning the technology.

The benefits of using precision agriculture technology on your farm are:

  • You can manage your land in greater detail
  • You can manage more acres
  • Provide production information in detail
  • Helps you gain efficiency in your farm operations
  • Allocate your inputs where they will yield the greatest return.
  • Maximize your crop production potential.
  • Improve your bottom line.

Precision Ag Services


Yield Intel

We process yield data collected at harvest to your desired level for useful decision making information.

Some growers prefer raw data with no errors removed. Others prefer errors to be removed so that information presented on the map is easier to read and understand.

There is another choice for growers that want their yield data to work for them. Additional layers of data can be added such as soil test results, soil types, crop hybrids or varieties, crop protection and manure or fertilizer applications.


Measured N

Measured N Spring is a tool that regularly monitors and calculates nitrogen available to your corn crop. It takes into account weather, soil and fertilizer applications. After the pertinent information, such as planting date, fertilizer and manure applications, has been entered into the system, reports are generated to give you a nitrogen recommendation throughout the growing season.

Measured N Fall is testing the corn stalk for nitrogen. The Corn Stalk Nitrate Test (CSNT) is a test that reveals whether the nitrogen level was optimized to reach full yield potential.