Build on each year! Every year is a new growing season. Learn everything you can from each growing season. Then evaluate what areas you should improve. Are your plant stands consistent? Are your weeds under control? Is disease causing yield loss? What is your ear population in corn? Did you pay close attention to your soybean crop? Are your soil nutrient levels providing a good growing environment for your crop? With the investment to put a crop in the ground, a soil test every 2 years will provide you with regular information to manage your soil for optimum production and efficiency!

Your base input costs are the same whether you are growing 150, 180, 200 or 250 bushel corn crops! To grow peak yielding crops, you will need to support those crops with some additional inputs. So, the highest yield you can economically attain should be your goal! My focus is to help you grow high yielding and high quality crops. Yes, that will often mean a little more effort and cost, but then we also expect a good return on that investment. To get that return, I will help you focus your inputs where you will gain the greatest return. I want you to experience a steady progression in yield average so that after 6 years you can review your yield average and see a clear higher yield average. I have several clients that have attained between 25% and 30% yield average increases after 6 years. I am not interested in helping you with a short term cost-savings, but instead I work to produce a solid profit growth for your farm operation! To continue this commitment, I will continue to evaluate and prove new technologies and practices to advance crop production and agriculture.

Lynford Kurtz    July 25, 2014