What a difference a year brings! As we often say, “Every year is different.” And with each different year comes different challenges. How have you met the challenges this growing season? Mid-summer last year we were looking for rain. This year we are looking for dry weather to harvest wheat crops. With increased moisture levels growth is increased both in crops and weeds. For crops this is good, but weed growth is not good for the crops. These moisture conditions test the residual of your weed control program. How did your weed control program perform this season? Evaluate your weed control program. Did all the weeds die? If not why not and which weed or weeds survived?

With abundant moisture, disease presence increases. Disease has arrived earlier and the prevalence is higher than usual for this time of year. Disease will reduce your yield potential! How do you respond to this threat? Applying a fungicide at the proper time will control the diseases and increase the plants ability to produce and live longer by not succumbing to the disease. Capture the value of the moisture by helping your crop produce more. You have value in your field! Watch it! Protect it! Capture it!

The yield volume will be captured at harvest. Raising the yield result is what we focus on. But remember that the final value of that yield will be determined by your decision how to use that harvest or when you market that harvest.

Lynford Kurtz