Crop Watch


With today’s production investment to produce an acre of crop, it can be costly if you do not closely monitor the crop throughout the growing season.

Regular crop scouting is a solution to check your crops. Our Crop Watch is designed to enhance your crop’s yield and quality by regular visits during the growing season. We will report the growth stage of the crop and identify weeds, insects, and disease that may be present. We will determine the severity of pest problems and recommend effective and economical solutions. We will pick crop protection products that perform best and rotate chemistry for good resistance management. The key is to control pests early, efficiently and effectively with proper timing and controls.

We are always on the lookout for equipment problems whether it is soil compaction, planter problems, sprayer problems or operator error. With a trained eye in your field to observe the details, management improvements can be made to produce better crops.

Protect your Yield with Crop Watch!