Welcome to Ag Essentials, LLC

Ag Essentials has been in the business of improving crop yield for farmers for over 20 years. Ag Essentials is on the leading edge of technology when it comes to farming. The purpose and intent of the business are to bring proven innovative practices to progressive crop-producing growers.

The foundation for exceptional crop yield is soil testing. The vast majority of our soil sampling is done by using the grid soil sampling method. Soil Advantage empowers you to make the wisest soil-related decisions for your operation and consistently get the best economic return for your money.

Once the crop is planted, the next step in reaching high yield potential is to monitor your fields with routine crop scouting. Problems that develop in your field can reduce yields anywhere from 1 to 40 bushels per acre. This can dramatically change your profit per acre.

Crop Watch is our crop scouting service that puts a trained eye in your field to spot pests and crop problems in the early stage of development and to recommend solutions. At harvest, your accomplishment is enhanced yield and quality.

Agriculture is an art practiced since the beginning of time. Passing a pristine farm and land to the next generation is truly a legacy of productive conservation. By prudent management of farm resources, improvements can be attained. A production and profitable farm with economies of scale is always desired by the next generation of farm operators.